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Awni is a platform that to move your goods easily, all types of vehicles 24 hours.

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What is Awini

“Awini” application is an electronic platform that allows customers to request different services from the service provider, and the support in several fields through simple steps on the application using smartphones.

Awini features

Enjoy comfort and ease of use

Ease of use

You can request services easily through your mobile application anytime, anywhere

Live tracking

Within the application, you can track in real-time your goods

Load & unload

Don't take the burden of load & unload, our service provider will offer it with a smile

Quick response

We offer you the service in short time, and the closest service provider will arrive at your location

Protection and security

Protection is guaranteed by us, through our highly trained service providers

Clear prices

You can always check our services price before makeing the order

Interduction video

Learn more about Awini

Awini is a smart idea to move the goods and not the passengers. It is an application that connects transport vehicles such as Alwannet and Aldena until the trills with customers directly without a broker ... To download the application

Frequently asked questions

Questions about Awini

What can I request from “Awini” application?

“Awini” application provides the user with services and the delivery of anything from and to any place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can also send products from your address or the address of your friend, other than the prohibited products according to the terms and conditions

Can I track the service provider?

“Awini” application provides the service of tracking the service provider from the acceptance of the request till the receipt.

Who is the service provider?

The service providers registered in “Awini” have been carefully chosen in order to provide the services efficiently, quickly and to maintain the privacy in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Is the service available in my region?

The application is available in all the regions of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How is the provider chosen to fulfill a request?

The request is sent to the nearest service provider to your location. If the service provider accepts the request, it is immediately fulfilled.

How is the service cost calculated?

The service cost differs depending on the distance and the duration of the journey, in addition to the waiting time such that the application shows the estimated price of the service before the confirmation of the request, knowing that the service provider is paid at the end.

What are the payment methods in “Awini” Application?

The payment methods currently available are cash and through credit cards, where the final price will be displayed to the customer when the service provider completes the provided service. The customer shall pay the service price to the provider of the request.

How can I cancel a request from “Awini”’s application?

Both of “Awini”’s customer as well as the service provider may cancel requests before starting. A request cannot be canceled after starting. The cancellation of the request is free for the first five minutes from the acceptance of the service provider of the request. The one who cancels the request shall be charged 15 Saudi Riyals after five minutes from the acceptance of the request.

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